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Day Camp Insurance – Sleep Away Camp Insurance – Travel Camp Insurance – Summer Camp Insurance

Day Camp Insurance – Sleep Away Camp Insurance – Travel Camp Insurance – Summer Camp Insurance. Day Camp Insurance QuoteDay Camps,  Travel Camps and Sleep way Camps, historically, can shape a child’s development, however, the nature of dealing with several hundred children in an adventurous day camp environment, can, in itself, create hazardous situations.

Your Camp Insurance Policy Coverage will be your greatest tool if you have a loss.

As a Day Camp, Sleep Away Camp or Travel Camp Owner or Camp Director it is imperative that you insure your Camp so it is properly protected with the right Camp Insurance Policy. Our agency offers the best coverage for the best rates.

Camp Insurance – Property Insurance Coverage

Day Camp InsuranceThe Property Insurance on your Camp Insurance Policy can ensure that the buildings that you own and/or business property and inventory against physical loss or damage.

Most camps maintain several buildings and structures that you will need to have proper insurance. If you run a sponsored program at a rented facility, you’ll still need to insure the contents or the property of your organization. In most Camp Insurance Policies, property insurance for your business contents covers furniture, fixtures, inventory, office equipment, sporting equipment, and other supplies stored at your facility or off-premises. You may insure those items for replacement cost (RCV) or for actual cash value (ACV), which pays only for the depreciated value of the property.

A Replacement Cost Policy have higher premiums, however, they can help your business recover from a loss faster, since you can replace all of the lost or damaged property with new items. If you lease some of the equipment at your business, the leasing company may require that you insure the property at replacement value.

An Actual Cash Value Policy will pay the depreciated value of your property at the time of a loss, considering the rapid depreciation of Day Camp Equipment and structures, this will impart an insurance premium savings, however, the payout at claim time will be severely compromised.

Camp Insurance – Loss of Use or Business Income Coverage

The Loss of Use or Business Income coverage on your Camp Insurance Policy will Day Camp Insurance Policyprotect your revenue stream in the event of a loss or damage to your establishment that causes you to close or cease your operation.  If your Camp suffers from a fire, water damage, collapse or any other insurable loss and you are forced to close your doors, you may be left without a revenue stream or income source.  Business Income Insurance Coverage can provide coverage for your lost revenue while your establishment is being repaired or even rebuilt.  If you own the building and have tenants, it will cover the loss of rent you are not collecting during rehabilitation. 

Camp Insurance – Liability Insurance Coverage

The Liability Insurance aspect of your Camp Insurance Policy is designed to insure the business against losses even if they are negligent or liable for damage, injury or loss to another’s property, reputation, or health. Typically, damages, legal defense fees and settlement charges are paid by the insuring company when a claim is filed against the business.

Bodily Injury Liability

Liability coverage may pay the affected person or firm for the cost of care, the loss of services and restitution for death that results from an injury at your camp or as a result of your camp operations.

Day Camp Insurance CoverageProperty Damage Liability

In the event your day camp causes damage to, or causes the loss of use of someone else’s property, property damage coverage may pay for the value of the physical damage to the property; or the loss of use of that property.

Products and Completed Operations

A policy may provide coverage for your company’s completed products or services. If an injury occurs due to the use of your products or services provided, the policy would pay for the resulting damages and any legal expenses up to the policy limits.

Contractual Liability

General Liability coverage extends to any liability you may assume by entering your camp into a variety of different types of contracts such as a building lease.

Camp Insurance Liquor Liability

If you’re not in the business of manufacturing, distributing, selling, serving or furnishing alcoholic beverages, the policy may protect you in case someone claims you are legally liable for a liquor-related accident.

Hired Auto & Non-Owned Auto

Hired Auto & Non-Owned Auto coverage, if requested, is typically added as an endorsement on a policy. If there are no vehicles owned by the company this coverage will meet the contract requirement for Commercial Auto coverage.

Hired Auto Insurance Coverage replaces or augments the liability coverage offered by auto rental agencies for example.

Non-Owned Auto Insurance Coverage protects your company in the event that your company is sued as a result of an auto accident that you or one of your employees has in a personal vehicle while on company business.

Medical Payments Insurance Coverage

Day Camp Insurance

If someone is injured by you or at your business site, the policy may pay for medical and funeral expenses incurred, up to policy limits, within one year of the accident. For example, if a customer tripped and fell on your premises and had to be hospitalized. 

 Personal Injury

  • Some Camp Liability Policies provide coverage if you are accused of:
  • Publishing inaccurate information that slanders or libels a person or organization;
  • Publishing material that violates a person’s right of privacy;
  • Falsely arresting, detaining or imprisoning someone;
  • Maliciously prosecuting someone;
  • Wrongfully evicting someone.

Advertising Injury

In the course of advertising your company’s own goods, products or services, this policy will provide valuable liability protection against advertising injuries resulting from:

  • Publishing inaccurate information that slanders or libels a person or organization;
  • Publishing material that violates a person’s right of privacy;
  • Copying some other company’s advertising ideas or style of doing business;
  • Infringing on another company’s copyright, title or slogan.

Key Camp Insurance Coverages

One stop shopping for all your Camp Insurance needs. Property, General Liability, Inland Marine, Crime, Liquor Liability, and Automobile coverage bundled into one convenient policy

Abuse and Molestation coverage options available

  • General Liability and Property enhancement forms tailored for camp activities and exposures
  • Camp Directors Professional Liability coverage available
  • Camp Medical Personnel (including volunteer workers) Liability coverage available
  • Underwriters expect that activities provided may include boating, challenge courses, horseback riding, playgrounds, swimming pools, and other amusement devices
  • Property capacity for high values of frame structures in unprotected areas
  • Large Excess Limits available up to $100,000,000
  • Specialized loss control and risk management services from Taylor & Associates, Inc.
  • Interest-free installments available for accounts that have at least $2,000 in premium.

Camp General Liability Insurance Coverages

  • Comprehensive General Liability – Available Limits:
    – $1,000,000 each occurrence
    – $2,000,000 or $3,000,000 aggregate
  • Abuse and Molestation
  • Medical Payments – $5,000
  • Available Coverage Options:
    – Deluxe General Liability Endorsement
    – Camp Medical Personnel, Including volunteer workers
  • Camp Directors Professional Liability

Liquor Liability

Limits to $1,000,000/$1,000,000 (in most states)

Camp Property Insurance Coverages

  • Camp Property Insurance Enhancement: including:
    $100,000 Business Income and Extra Expense

Available Coverage Options:

  • Blanket Limits
  • Most ISO Endorsements

Camp Umbrella & Excess Liability Insurance

Large Excess Limits available up to $100,000,000

Camp Inland Marine Insurance Coverages

  • Maintenance equipment, sports equipment, water inflatables, golf carts, boats. Fine Arts, Electronic Data Processing, Valuable Papers Crime and Fidelity
  • Employee Dishonesty Theft
  • Forgery or Alteration
  • Theft, Disappearance and Destruction
  • Guest Property

Camp Automobile Insurance Coverage

Owned Autos: commercial vehicles, service vehicles, pick-up trucks, vans and buses used to transport campers

Seasonal Coverage: We can dynamically process endorsements to add and remove coverage or vehicles based on seasonal camp use and pre-school use.

Day Camp Insurance Enhanced Endorsements

  • Includes $50,000 limits each for Camp Business Travel Accident Benefit, Donation Assurance, Emergency Real Estate
  • Consulting Fee, Identity Theft Expense, Image Restoration & Counseling, Key Individual
  • Replacement  Expenses, Kidnap Expense, Terrorism Travel Reimbursement, Workplace
  • Violence Counseling. $25,000 limits for each Conference Cancellation, Fundraising Event
  • Blackout, Political Unrest ($5,000 per employee), Temporary Meeting Space
  • Reimbursement and $1,500 Travel Delay Reimbursement Crisis Management Enhancement Endorsement
  • $25,000 limit for crisis management emergency response expenses incurred because of an incident giving rise to a crisis

Day Camp Insurance Loss Control Services

  • On-site camp loss control for services available for Outdoor Programs
  • Product specific web-based loss control solutions through for Outdoor Programs
  • Strategic partnership with an exclusive vendor for you to access discounted background & motor vehicle record (MVR) checks

What is the average cost of Camp Insurance?

Although we are typically asked this question, there is no “out of the box” price for the cost of Day Camp, Sleep Away Camp or Travel Camp Insurance. 

Because camp enrollment, insurance loss history, camper activities, equipment, operational territories and coverage limits vary from policy to policy, there is no way to offer a Day Camp Insurance Quote without us processing and collection some important information about your specific day camp operation.

As many people have already found out, Castle Rock Capacity Insurance Agency is the best stop for a quote on Day Camp Insurance.  We are the low cost solution for your Day Camp Insurance Policy, Travel Camp Insurance Policy, or Sleep Away Camp Insurance Policy.

Castle Rock Capacity Insurance Agency currently offers Camp Insurance Policy Coverage in New York, NY, New Jersey, NJ and Pennsylvania, PA, Connecticut, CT, California, CA, Texas, TX, and Florida, FL.

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