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Product Liability Insurance for Products you design, manufacture, market, import, and distribute.

Designing, manufacturing or distributing a product is an exciting venture. However in our complicated world simply selling a product has become a cause for concern, and moreover a product liability exposure. So much so that many wholesale and retail operations and venues require that you as the manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler have products liability insurance on the items you develop. Additionally, as a retailer of these products, you may be held responsible if there is an injury that results out of use of a product you sell.

What is Product Liability Insurance?Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance Coverage covers the policyholder in the event that a suit arises out of the use of the insured’s products. This can be loss to personal property, business property, bodily injury or death. These items may be clothes, toys, tools, building materials, electronic devices or even pet food or supplies.

What does Product Liability Insurance cover?

Liability insurance is designed to protect the business against losses even if they are negligent or liable for damage, injury or loss to another’s property. Typically, damages, legal defense fees and settlement charges are paid by the insuring company when a claim is filed against the business as a result of a Products Liability Suit. Products liability insurance will cover the insured for suits that arise out of damage or injury of use of a product that the holder of the insurance policy manufactures or sells.

Product Liability Insurance QuoteBodily Injury

Product Liability Insurance may pay the affected person or firm for the cost of care, the loss of services and restitution for death that results from an injury.

Property Damage

In the event your business or product causes damage to, or causes the loss of use of someone’s property. Property damage liability coverage may pay for the value of the physical damage to the property; or the loss of use of that property.

Who Should Have Product Liability Insurance?

Anyone that is responsible for the design, manufacture, sale or distribution of a component or end user product. This applies to any business or individual that manufactures his own product or even if the product’s manufacturing is subcontracted out buy another operation, even if the operation is overseas. A small sampling of the classes we specialize in are Food Product Liability InsuranceCosmetic & Skincare Product Liability Insurance, Dietary Supplement Product Liability Insurance, Fitness Product Liability Insurance, Electronic Cigarette Product Liability Insurance, and Beer, Wine & Spirit Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance Coverage

How much does Product Liability Insurance Cost?

A Products Liability Insurance Policy is rated on several factors:

  • What are the products you are insurance coverage for
  • How many of these products will be distributed into the market
  • What are they used for and who will be using them
  • How long are they intended to last
    Product Liability Insurance
  • What are they made of
  • How clearly defined are the usage instructions, directions and guarantees and or warranty that are provided with the product
  • What claims does the manufacturer or distributor make about the product, either in writing, demonstration or in media.

What is the Average Cost of Product Liability Insurance Cost?

Product liability insurance costs are much like any other liability insurance product. They can vary from $.05 per $1,000 in sales to over $50.00 per $1,000 in sales.  There no real average rate because they are based on the specific type of product you manufacture, retail or market. So what one company is paying for product liability insurance means nothing to another if they are selling different products. There are some products that pose very little potential to cause harm or damage and there are others that have a higher propensity to be risky, and therefore carry higher premiums. Typically as sales increase in a certain product classification, the cost per $1,000 in sales goes down.

What types of product need product liability insurance?Product Liability

Essentially any product that is put into market or sold in any venue should have products liability insurance. Some examples are food, clothing, tools, energy products, furniture, stationary goods, beverages, baked products, luggage, pet items, heating & cooling apparatus, electronic goods, vehicles, toys (especially).


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Because every product is different, underwriting a Product Liability Insurance policy is complicated. If you need a quote on Product Liability Insurance Coverage, please complete a product liability quote request . As many people have already found out, Castle Rock Capacity Insurance Agency is the best stop for a quote on their Product Liability Insurance. We are the low cost solution for your Product Liability Insurance Policy. Castle Rock Capacity Agency currently offers Product Liability Insurance Policy Coverage in California, CA, Connecticut, CT, Florida, FL, Illinois, IL, Maryland, MD, New York, NY, New Jersey, NJ, Pennsylvania, PA, Texas, TX, West Virginia, WV, Virginia, VA.


Product Liability Insurance Coverage
Product Liability Insurance