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Risk Strategies | Castle Rock Capacity Insurance Agency – Business Insurance, Building Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, Construction Insurance, Restaurant Insurance

Castle Rock Insurance Agency can assist you if you are looking for Business Insurance, Building Insurance, Restaurant Insurance, Church Insurance, Product Liability Insurance for a product you Manufacture or Distribute, and Directors & Officers Insurance. So, if you have a business, home, or auto that needs insurance or any other commercial insurance coverage, we can help. We will take the time to explain what you are buying. This way, you understand what is at stake and what you will be protected for.

Professional Business Insurance Agency Service

Castle Rock Capacity Insurance Agency is a division of Risk Strategies, one of the 10 largest brokerage in the US. We are a professional full-service Property & Casualty Insurance services boutique serving the Business and Personal Marketplace. Further, our network hosts locations all over the USA and a knowledgeable insurance staff over 4,000.

An Insurance Agency that Educates its Clients

The key to our success is that we educate our clients to the exposures surrounding their personal and business assets. So, they can make educated decision as to their own insurance needs. As such, we have been extremely successful in lowering insurance costs for our clients by leveraging our knowledge and relationships within the insurance industry. We’re always aggressively marketing and negotiating insurance premiums and coverages. Therefore, this usually results in an insurance product that is both comprehensive in coverage and competitive in price.

Are we competitive? Take a look at the long list of insurance carriers we represent. Further, our job is to match the right company and the right insurance coverage. And we do this with each individual or company looking for insurance coverage.

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You Can’t Make an Educated Business Insurance Decision Without Understanding the Product

Castle Rock Insurance Agency’s founders have a successful history. One was a previous underwriter from one of the nation’s biggest insurance wholesalers and the former president of one of the largest privately owned retail insurance agencies in New York City. And, the other has almost a decade of experience as a underwriter with prior experience and a health care administrator with 2 back-to-back JCAHO commendations.

At Castle Rock Insurance we take the time to understand the function and operations of our clients. We put together insurance programs that best suit your needs. No matter the size of the premium of an account, we treat all our clients with the same respect and attention.

Our success is embedded in our ability to continually surpass our client’s expectations. We are a company of people with a single-minded commitment to Customer Satisfaction. It is this attitude that makes Castle Rock stand out as a leader within the insurance community. It is this attitude that can be seen in the quality of the services we provide to our customers. We always strive to build relationships for life by exceeding expectations.

Insurance Experience and Expertise

Our group of insurance professionals are among the most experienced in the industry. Importantly, our business model allows them to dedicate the necessary senior-level attention to our and clients and customers.

Therefore, if you are a commercial, business, personal client, or provide a service, then you can benefit from our expertise. Happily, Castle Rock Insurance Agency serves the personal and business insurance needs of individuals, families and businesses.

Below are some of the insurance coverages we currently offer:

See why we are rated #1 in the country by Big Commerce and MJ Business Daily.

Risk Strategies | Castle Rock Capacity Insurance Agency

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