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Commercial Trucking, Transportation & Courier Insurance

Commercial Trucking, Transportation, Cargo & Courier InsuranceCommercial Trucking, Transportation & Courier Insurance

Commercial Vehicle, General Liability, Cargo and Worker’s Comp Insurance for Trucking & Delivery Services

The ever growing Amazon recently rolled out opportunities for independent owner driver operators to provide through their Transportation & Logistics teammates partnership program Castle Rock currently provides coverage to meet or exceed Amazon’s insurance Requirement.

Just like you are required to maintain auto insurance for your own car, The Deliver with Amazon Transportation & Courier Partners program has certain insurance requirements for their independent driver operators. As of January 2018 these are their specific insurance requirements to drive for them:

Coverage Can include:

Commercial Courier Trucking Auto Liability

Bodily Injury LiabilityAmazon Transportation Insurance

Coverage for damages that involve bodily injury to others for which you become responsible under the law.

Property Damage Liability

Coverage for damage to property of others for which you become responsible under the law.

Medical Payments

Coverage for reasonable and necessary medical expenses and funeral services for those who are accidentally injured while in your automobile or while getting into or out of your automobile.

Personal Injury Protection

Coverage for medical, hospital, rehabilitation, loss of wages or loss of services costs resulting from injury to you or any resident family member. In the case of death to the insured or a resident family member, death benefits and survivor benefits, if applicable, will be provided.

Commercial General Liability

Affords liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage, outside of auto incidents, for claims that arise out of the course of doing business.

Workers Compensation

Provides coverage for injuries to employees, owners, and partners for injuries that occur during the course of business.

Cargo Insurance Coverage.

Provides property coverage for 3rd party owned merchandise in your care custody & control.

Other coverage that may be obtained include:


Protection for the loss of or damage to your vehicle and its equipment from all causes except collision, subject to the deductible on the policy.


Protection for the collision damage to your automobile and its equipment, subject to the deductible on the policy.

Uninsured Motorist

Coverage allows you to recover bodily injury damages due to an accident where the other party does not have insurance and is found legally liable.

Underinsured Motorist

Coverage allows you to recover bodily injury damages due to an accident where the other party is found legally liable and does not have adequate liability limits.

Additional Expense

Coverage for necessary additional expenses incurred as a result of a loss of which you are protected under comprehensive or collision coverage. These expenses include rental cars, food, lodging and other incidental expenses.

Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability Coverage

Covers liability for automobiles hired under contract on behalf of or loaned to the named insured and coverage for a private-passenger automobile used in the business of the named insured by any person, or the occasional and infrequent use of a commercial automobile in the business by any of your employees.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance can provide coverage for property in transit and in storage that is owned by a 3rd party, or more specifically, the property of your clients.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation is a state mandated coverage that provides no fault insurance for on the job injuries that your employees may sustain.

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Commercial Trucking, Transportation & Courier Insurance