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There are currently 17,938 Registered and or Licensed Daycare Centers in New York State
Do know how many are not Covered for Abuse and Molestation?

Do You know what Insurance Coverage Your Daycare Currently Has?

When parents of these children have enrolled in your daycare, you have just been entrusted with an enormous responsibility. Your responsibility is keeping children safe from any and all harm, both mental and physical. We know that you and your organization have every intention of keeping all your children safe but accidents can and often do happen.

What can your Daycare be sued for? And what suits will you be protected against?

In this great land we live in, anyone can sue for any reason. If you are sued, you have an obligation to defend any lawsuit with a response even though that claim may be frivolous or not. Even if you do have insurance but not the correct coverage, your insurance company will not defend you in the event of a claim. A good example of this would be Sexual Abuse and Molestation coverage.

Anything can happen when there are children around.

An accident, although unintentional, can leave you with an enormous liability exposure. If you and/or your organization are not properly insured and are found guilty of any wrong doing you could be held personally liability for all legal expenses and any judgments. These expenses would have to be paid out of your own pocket. This could be a burden on your business, livelihood and your family.

Claims involving children are always volatile and very emotional which could further escalate a claim into a much larger claim. Make sure you are not a statistic.

We Currently Offer Daycare and Pre-School Insurance in New York, NY, New Jersey, NJ, Connecticut, CY, Florida, FL, California, CA, Illinois, IL, and Pennsylvania, PA. Click here for a Daycare Insurance Quote .

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