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Product Liability Insurance: Topical CBD Products

$300,000 Sales – $4M Liability LimitProduct Liability Insurance Quote

Product Liability Insurance: Topical CBD Products. Key products: Hemp, CBD 



Risk Topical CBD Products
Products marketed are under that of the insured
Product Liability Insurance Class Topical CBD Products
Location State California 
General Liability Insurance Per Occurrence $4,000,000
General Liability Insurance Aggregate $5,000,000
Product Liability Insurance Per Occurrence $4,000,000
Product Liability Insurance Aggregate $5,000,000
Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability $1,000,000
Hired & Non-Owned Physical Damage $50,000
Product Recall Coverage NA
Liability Deductible $2,500
Annual Product Gross Sales $300,000
Annual Coverage Cost $6,015.00
Special Notes

No prior losses
Blanket additional insured endorsement.
Blanket Primary Non-Contributory coverage
Blanket waiver of Subrogation


Description of Operations: Product liability insurance for a the manufacture and wholesale and retail sales of Topical CBD Products. Products marketed are under that of the insured.

*Insurance quotes are specific to the insured’s operations, location, coverage limits, and sales, coverage costs for an individual business are not to be implied as costs for any or all similar businesses.